Virtua Tennis 2009


Platinum: 1

Gold: 3

Silver: 5

Bronze: 42

After a review comes a Trophy guide. Virtua Tennis is no exception. There are 51 trophies to collect including the platinum trophy. If you guys and girls have any questions or feedback please feel free to visit our ‘Contact us’ page.

1 Platinum: All trophies unlocked (Platinum)

2 Fore!: Hit a line judge (Bronze)

This one is simple. I got it after my first return, just hit the ball and hope it land on the referee. In fact almost all the balls that hit the wall in the back hit the referee so no problems there.

3 To be this good takes AGES (Secret): Score an ace with an underarm serve (Bronze)

You should have learned this at the training academy, if not I will explain it for you. When serving press L3 down and press triangle at the same time. Don’t hold it down and you should perform an underarm serve. Go to play mode and start a 2 player singles game. Perform an underarm serve but don’t let the second player return the ball and ting-dong you have the most easiest trophy in the game…. Well one of the many easy trophies.

4 One small step..: Win your first match in the world tour (Bronze)

The opponents are oh so easy at the beginning that you will get this one without a problem.

5 …One Giant Leap: Win your first tournament in the world tour (Bronze)

Same as number 4, too easy

6 Make friends and influence people: Make friends with 8 characters in world tour (Bronze)

Every once in a while some amateur tennis player contacts you and gives you a date he or she want a practise match against you. All you have to do is play the match and he or she will be added to your ‘friends-list’. Only one piece of advice if you want it quickly is check your calendar a LOT.

7 Quick and easy: Play 25 events in Play mode or Network Games mode (Bronze)

Just do as it’s stated, you don’t have to win so take your time and enjoy yourself, invites some friends, pop some beer and have fun in the meanwhile.

8 Loving it: Achieve 25 love games (Bronze)

Start a match and you need to score a game without your opponent score a point against you. This isn’t in a row so it should be easy. You should get this in no time in the world tour mode.

9 Breaking the Speed limit: Hit a serve over 200kph/124.28mph (Bronze)

You can do this one with your own player or go the easy way. Grab a pro like Ancic and hit a max power serve. There you go another trophy unlocked.

10 Big hitter: Achieve 250 max server (Bronze)

Takes a goddamn long time. If you want this one fast I suggest practising your timing. But for a real piece of advice… Start a match against a weak opponent… let him score every once in a while and keep the score balanced around 40-40. This way you get unlimited serve time without going trough all the hustle of loading times. Another thing for dutch players, the dutch trophy list states that you need to hit 25 max serves. This is wrong you need 250 max serves.

11 Pushing it to the Max!: Achieve 3 consecutive max serves in a match (Bronze)

As stated you can’t do this while in the training area. Got this one a couple of times while working on trophy ‘Big hitter’.

12 Different strokes: Win 400 stroke points (Bronze)

Simple but just takes some time. While standing at the back of the field, hold down X to deliver a powerfull stroke, when you score with it you have added 1 of the 400 shots for this trophy.

13 Vollyball: Win 300 volley points (Bronze)

Same as ‘Different strokes’ only this time around you need to stand near the net in order to score a volley point.

14 Super, Smashing, Great!: Win 200 smash points (Bronze)

Ignoring the funky title… and back to writing a trophy guide…. While working on the ‘Vollyball’ trophy you should be able to counter the lobs of your opponent by a smash. You can perform one by press X on the right time. Simple as that, only 199 to go.

15 Aces high: Score 100 aces (Bronze)

You can do this one by hitting technical and max power serves or do it the easy way. Fire up a two player match in play-mode and use the same tactics as stated in ‘To be this good takes AGES’ trophy guide tip.

16 Over the top: Win 50 lob shot points (Bronze)

Two way to do it, once again the easy way, but you should get that by now or by picking out volley player opponents. Especially in the amateur phase of the world tour you can easily perform a lob shot by hit triangle and up with the L3 button.

17 Drop and Give Me 50!: Win 50 drop shot points (Bronze)

Pick out a baseline player and hold down the L3 button while pressing square. Now you should hit a tactical slow ball which should drop down just over the net. This is a drop shot, it takes 50 dropshots in order to get this trophy.

18 Your Country Needs You!: Be selected for the Davis or Fed Cup team in World Tour (Bronze)

Just keep on playing the game, focus on getting other trophies and while you rank up you will get an invite just like the ones of your ‘friends’ and that’s it.

19 Practise Makes Perfect: Win 10 practise matches in World Tour (Bronze)

If you already have gotten the trophy ‘Make friends and influence people’ then you one will be easy. Just fire up 2 additional practise matches and your done.

20 Training to win: Clear a level 8 training game in the World Tour (Bronze)

This might take some skills, I choose Shopping Dash. First and foremost this one is actually quite easy but it also is fun to play. Only piece of advice is keep playing until you get there, pretty straightforward.

21 School’s Out: Clear each academy mission in World Tour (Bronze)

As stated above. Only piece of advice I can give you here is: go by the categories, they usually have some practises but with variations. So for example only concentrate on footwork before you start another training practise.

22 Shopaholic: Purchase 100 different items from the shop in World Tour (Bronze)

Don’t bother collecting clothes or whatever while in the amateur league. When you turn pro you will get a shitload of money which you then can spent on cheap clothes. ;)

23 Versatile Male: Win a match with all default male pro players (Bronze)

Fire up play-mode and start a match with every player that is available at the beginning. The only catch here is, is that you need to win, but that shouldn’t be that hard eh?

24 Versatile Female: Win a match with all default female pro players (Bronze)

Check #23 ‘Versatile Male’

25 Last Man Standing: Beat all default male pro players (Bronze)

You can combine this trophy with trophy #23. Go to play-mode and take down all the pro male players while you keep changing the player your playing with… damn that’s a lot of play….. next up?

26 Last Woman Standing: Beat all female pro players (Bronze)

You can combine this trophy with trophy #24. For description check #25

27 Competitive Streak: Complete 10 ranked online games in World Tour (Bronze)

Go over to the ‘Online HQ’ spot on the globe while in World Tour. Play 10 ranked games and you will be awarded this trophy.

28 Social Animal: Complete 10 friendly online games (Bronze)

Go back to the main menu and select network. Start your own game and play 10 friendly matches. Simple right?!

29 Block and Roll: Clear a 15 block combo in Block Buster (Bronze)

Easy as can be. Go to play-mode and select the Block Buster mini-game. Wait for a lot of colours of the same type to appear on screen and then go for the bomb.

30 Dr. Doolittle: Feed all types of animals in Zoo Feeder (Bronze)

This one is just a little bit harder as your typical mini-game. I have a few tips here. First of all stand in the middle near the base line. This way you can accurately choose where the ball or vegetables in this case should go. Next up don’t hit the pile of trash they are shooting at you. Just DON’T. This trophy will only be unlocked if you actually let every animal sleep at least one time. I don’t know if this should be in one mini-game or whatsoever but around lvl 5 you should have encountered all of them. Just for you, here’s the list:









31 Arrrrrrh!: Sink 3 galleons in a single game of Pirate Wars (Bronze)

Dodge all the cannonballs until you have reached the phase where the big ships will come. You need to destroy three of them in order to unlock this trophy.

32 Cherry Picker: Collect 10 cherries in a single game of Avalanche (Bronze)

Once again go to play mode and start this mini-game. Here is no time limit but instead of this is an energy limit meter. You can recharge this by picking up fruit. Cherries occasionally come down and be quick to fetch them. If you collect 10, this trophy will be awarded to you.

33 Perfect Frame: Clear the table of balls in order without missing in Pot Shot (Bronze)

This one is a real pain in the @$$. Just try it over and over again or be equipped with professional skills (which I thought I had L). Good luck on this one!

34 Ham and Eggs: Turkey on level 6 or above of Pin Crusher (Bronze)

Also a harder trophy but do-able. A turkey is when you hit three strikes in a row. So go out there and kick some pin’s ass.

35 Marathon Man: Run a total of 10KM/6.21 Miles (Bronze)

Just play like you normally would and this one should pop-up in no time.

36 Grass Stains: Play 100 matches on a Grass Court (Bronze)

You will get there eventually, and if you want to boost it, you can always do so by selecting it manually in the play-mode options list.

37 Play with Clay: Play 100 matches on a Clay Court (Bronze)

See # 36 for description.

38 Astro-Carpet King: Play 100 matches on a Artificial Court (Bronze)

See #36 for description.

39 To be this good takes SEGA (secret): Play a game dressed in the complete SEGA outfit. (Bronze)

Go to your Home when you have the SEGA outfit. Equip it and play a game. You can do it in the World Tour but also in the play-mode after you have equipped it to your custom character.

40 King for a day: Unlock secret player King (Bronze)

Reach the number one rank in Professional mode to get invited to the King Of Players tournament. Win the tournament twice to play against King. Defeat King to unlock him. (Thanks goes out to ccristi08 on YouTube)

41 That’s Duke’s a Hazard!: Unlock secret player Duke (Bronze)

Reach the number one rank in Professional mode to get invited to the King Of Players tournament. Win the tournament to play against Duke. Defeat Duke to unlock him. (Thanks goes out to ccristi08 on YouTube)

42 Gold medallist: Unlock every gold medal in the game (Bronze)

You can check which medals and condition here: Start screenà My VT à Medals

43 Access All Areas: Purchase every court pass in World Tour (Silver)

To get this trophy you need to do two things. First off all unlock all the courts by playing the tournaments and events. After that you need to get a shitload (once again) of money to buy all of them. After that you finally have this trophy.

44 Style Guru: Use every basic play style in world tour. (Silver)

When going up skill levels you earn new play styles. Equip them and play atleast 1 match with that particular play style. After using all of them  this trophy should be unlocked.

45 Go Pro!: Turn professional in World Tour (Silver)

Play play play, it’s getting harder a long the way. Mix up your play style, use dropshots, lobs, underarm serves, volley play and baseline play in order to make it to the top.

46 Leader of the Pack: Become the number 1 amateur in World Tour (Silver)

See #45 for the description.

47 Them Bones: Play the Meat Defender training game wearing the full Skeleton clothing set. (Bronze)

Sure is a funny trophy, but let’s get to the point. Dress up as the skeleton with all the different parts that are available and you should be awarded with this trophy when you play the Meat defenders game.

48 National Treasure: Win the Davis or Fed Cup in World Tour. (Silver)

Good luck man….. that’s all I can say :P !

49 First Among Equals: Rank #1 in the world in World Tour (Gold)

Tough job, but hey somebody’s got to do it! Anyway you need this one in order to get the King and Duke trophies so keep it up.

50 You are Gold!: Complete every academy mission with a gold medal in World Tour (Gold)

Check out #21 ‘School’s Out’ for the description.

51 Coronation: Win King of Players tournament in World Tour (Gold)

I wish you guys and girls the best luck in the world because it is Virtua Tennis and that means you will have a very very very hard time beating these tournaments. Good luck and congratulations in advance on getting the Platinum trophy!


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