What to expect from PlayStation Fever?!

5 07 2009

NelsonToday I want to talk to you (our dear visitor) about what to expect from PlayStation fever. We might have touched upon that topic in our first post ever! However we are going to make same interesting changes when  we have the tools and assests for it.

So after this long intro here it is:

REWARD SYSTEM: Yeah it sure is web 2.0 and PlayStation Fever wants to become a part of that. So in the future we will reward active members by handing out prizes and even beta keys but also with points. These points will show the whole ‘yeah i’m a active member’  kind of thing, which all of us trophy whores all love and adore 😀 lol!


FORUM: A slow day on news, not a lot of gaming to discuss or actually a lot to discuss? The forum will be here in place as fast as we can so we can build an active community while you guys and gals can be a part of that. Did I also mention that we want to carry over the reward system from the site to the forum? We also strive to create a trophy based system which will allow you to unlock extra stuff by completing ‘challenges’. This will give you badges, trophies and other way to show of your ‘activeness’ but also gives you options to customize the feel of the forum. Think of other templates, custom colours etc.


We allready made some changes as of today which are:

1 RATE NEW POSTS: Happy about what news we did bring to the table or not? Vote and let us know.

2 RATE COMMENTS: Did you’re fellow commentor leave a hillerious comment or is it a fanboy which didn’t deserver your time reading his comment. You now can vote up or down and let other people know how you feel about there opinion.

3 WATCH VIDEOS: On the right you now can watch enjoy videos which we will occasionally upload. Furthermore you can expand the video and watch it fullscreen without leaving our site. Cool huh well enjoy it!

Make sure to try it out and let us know what you think.

The PSF team