Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

21 08 2009

I know,i know it has been a while since i last posted on the blog,but here i am once again your favorite (p)review writer Nejasu at work on a Recent release on the EU Store.


Hoorah,the second game of this great fighter game is finally arrived for the PS3,boy oh boy i was excited to play it once again since i lost my PS2 version 😦 .So i went to the store,payed 14.99 for the game,downloaded – installed and letted it rip on my Tv. Read the rest of this entry »

Virtua Tennis 2009 Review – Ace or does it get served?

5 08 2009


Ah Virtua Tennis is back once again. This game is very dear to my heart since we have a history together. From plating the game in the arcades to playing it on a little console called the Dreamcast. The Nostalgic feelings I am having with this game are on the same level as the Final Fantasy series so let’s see what Sega has in store for us. Read the rest of this entry »

Dead Space – Chopping it up, or not?

28 07 2009


This is the Space Shuttle PSF, touching down on Planet Review in Dead Space. Commander Mischief is leading this expedition as we set off into the obvious danger.


EA, one of the world’s largest third-party publishers has done it AGAIN. Teaming up with…wait themselves? This confuses me for some reason. Visceral Games, formally known as EA Redwood Shores, has developed a survival horror, first-person shooter called Dead Space.

Lets see what bloody mess EA has created this time around.

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[Prototype] – Review

13 07 2009

Prototype PS3

Hello all. This is Mischief, here doing my first Playstation review on PSF. Enjoy and comment.


From the company that brought you such titles as The Simpsons Hit & Run and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Detruction, Radical Entertainment is going to the limits with Prototype. With being backed-up by Activision, Prototype hits the shelves with a serious BANG! Let us see how big of one.

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InFamous – review

6 07 2009



Sucker punch, the developer of the well-known platform Sly Cooper series is back. This time around on a new little platform called the PS3. New Game, new atmosphere and a much darker setting. The previous games all were great, it’s time to see how well Infamous fairs.

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Call of Juarez – Review

5 07 2009

Heya people,

let me introduce myself first before i start writing,
My name is Nejasu,a gamer by heart and true fan of Sony and i am salvaging some of my time to bring you guys the reviews,news,etc…
Basically stuff you REALLY wanna hear.

Allrighty,i shall start my writing with the new game of Ubisoft called:


Hell yes!Finally a decent western game has come available for the beloved console PS3,Call of Juarez is truly astonishing in Story,gameplay and online functions.
A classic i would not call it yet,but it has a good shot to become a classic game.

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