PSF new theme (once again) + Logo

20 08 2009


Yeah ladies and gentlemen, the last theme didn’t last long. Altough we did like the overall look and feel we felt like we missed something. This time around we have choosen the right one until we switch over to our custom domain. Furthermore we have a brand new logo which will be placed on exlusive content like: video’s, screenshots and other objects. Our thanks goes out to DJDsign over at the best 2pac forum in the world TupacNation.

Enjoy and let us know what you feel about the new look and feel ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kind regards,

The PSF team


New look and feel for PSF

13 08 2009

PSF header

Yeah it’s that time of the year again where each and everyone is going on holidays and where shit never gets done. Well I guess we are the living proof of that. The updates on news haven’t been that fast and our excuses for that. But that doesn’t mean we are dropping the ball. Instead we’ve added a new theme which also does bring some functions with it… Read the rest of this entry »

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – The PSF fun night!

8 08 2009


It’s Timo once again to bring you all on update on the news concerning PlayStation, gaming and the site PSF. The last couple of days have been exciting since we have been playing COD4 non-stop with a fun group. We had non stop fun, owning people (which we will show some proof off) and just having good ol’ laughs. Chatting trough headsets or textchat… we had an overall great time. To check out photo’s and of the names of people who do OWN: Continue the read ;)! Read the rest of this entry »

PSF is hiring: join us now!

2 08 2009


Yeah ladies and gentleman with our ambitious plan we need some ambitious gamers who are willing to help out. In order to deliver trophy guides, news articles, up to date info and gameplay videos we need more game journalist to write about all of this. Are you one hell of an enthustiatic gamer which loves sharing his opinion with other gamers? Well then, feel free to submit your info to and become a writer for PSF.

The info we need to know about you is: Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Times – PSF news

2 08 2009

Mount Everest

Yeah ladies and gentlemen, PSF has reached a milestone. The site has reached a 1000+ hits without it’s official opening. We can say that we sure do have earned a bronze trophy. However there still are a lot of things to look forward to which can be seen over here.

Just for the fun of it we will post some facts which you can read after the link.

Further more enjoy and we promise that our next milestone will be celebrated in a much bigger way! Read the rest of this entry »

Capturing gameplay

11 07 2009

Yes we at PSF strive to give you guys the best news, the greatest articles and tips and tricks to make your gaming life easier. Me made a step towards our goal of making our site a better expierence by experimenting with gameplay captures. We’re still in the process of uploading high quality high definition pictures. So look at our first attempt.

Make sure to press the HQ button to see a clearer picture.

Now this allows us to also write top notch trophy guides. With video locations of the hidden treasures and how-to tutorials. Drop us a comment and let us know what you think. Also visit our vision topic to see what else we will bring to the table in the near future!

What to expect from PlayStation Fever?!

5 07 2009

NelsonToday I want to talk to you (our dear visitor) about what to expect from PlayStation fever. We might have touched upon that topic in our first post ever! However we are going to make same interesting changes whenย  we have the tools and assests for it.

So after this long intro here it is:

REWARD SYSTEM: Yeah it sure is web 2.0 and PlayStation Fever wants to become a part of that. So in the future we will reward active members by handing out prizes and even beta keys but also with points. These points will show the whole ‘yeah i’m a active member’ย  kind of thing, which all of us trophy whores all love and adore ๐Ÿ˜€ lol!


FORUM: A slow day on news, not a lot of gaming to discuss or actually a lot to discuss? The forum will be here in place as fast as we can so we can build an active community while you guys and gals can be a part of that. Did I also mention that we want to carry over the reward system from the site to the forum? We also strive to create a trophy based system which will allow you to unlock extra stuff by completing ‘challenges’. This will give you badges, trophies and other way to show of your ‘activeness’ but also gives you options to customize the feel of the forum. Think of other templates, custom colours etc.


We allready made some changes as of today which are:

1 RATE NEW POSTS: Happy about what news we did bring to the table or not? Vote and let us know.

2 RATE COMMENTS: Did you’re fellow commentor leave a hillerious comment or is it a fanboy which didn’t deserver your time reading his comment. You now can vote up or down and let other people know how you feel about there opinion.

3 WATCH VIDEOS: On the right you now can watch enjoy videos which we will occasionally upload. Furthermore you can expand the video and watch it fullscreen without leaving our site. Cool huh well enjoy it!

Make sure to try it out and let us know what you think.

The PSF team