Insomniac Games not going multi-platform

15 08 2009


Well not really a surprise but it’s confirmed once again that the master-minds behind 3 of my favorite games are not going multi platform. So Resistance and Rachet & Clank should stay on Sony consoles only. Tood bad for Nintendo and Microsoft because they really miss out on something special. Check it out after the break. Read the rest of this entry »


God of War 3 – Games Con 09 Trailer

15 08 2009

God of War III

New video of God of War III. This is the 2009 Games Con video. Check it out in gorgeous HD! Enjoy and check it out after the break Read the rest of this entry »

PSF is hiring: join us now!

2 08 2009


Yeah ladies and gentleman with our ambitious plan we need some ambitious gamers who are willing to help out. In order to deliver trophy guides, news articles, up to date info and gameplay videos we need more game journalist to write about all of this. Are you one hell of an enthustiatic gamer which loves sharing his opinion with other gamers? Well then, feel free to submit your info to and become a writer for PSF.

The info we need to know about you is: Read the rest of this entry »