Sucker punch, the developer of the well-known platform Sly Cooper series is back. This time around on a new little platform called the PS3. New Game, new atmosphere and a much darker setting. The previous games all were great, it’s time to see how well Infamous fairs.


Let’s start with the beginning. Infamous takes place in Empire city, a fictional city which will remind a lot of us of New York. The main character Cole McGrath lives a quiet life with his girlfriend Trish, and has a profession as a bike messenger.  On one day Cole has to deliver a package without getting any further information. When reached the destination the package explodes and takes the entire city with it. This is were the story ends and where you can control Cole. You, Cole, survives the explosion and will soon find out the you can gain control over new born powers. Electricity is your best buddy from now on and allows you to pull of different stunts and defend yourself in a city that is torn apart.

The city is placed under quarantine, and you are trying to get out. Without dropping spoilers here and there, you will need to help out a FBI-agent called Moira to find out what caused the explosion. In exchange she promises you to get you out of the city. What follows is a story full of plot-twist and conspiracy theories. George Bush haters will loooovveee this game :D! To survive however isn’t easy. The streets are controlled by gangs and the police is to weak to do anything about it.


Good & Evil

During the game you decide which path Cole walks. You can be a savior or unleash hell on the city. This brings a new layer of depth and gameplay elements to the table. The system works karma based. This means that whenever you perform a good or bad action you karma level will change accordingly. This doesn’t just affect the way people look at you, some people will help you out in street fight or yell BOOO at you. The biggest role of karma system is that is changes the game completely. If you’re going down the path of a selfish motherf*%#-er you’re appearance changes, you unlock other powers, you are able to unlock different mission and the story changes. If you are going for the platinum trophy or just fun the fun of exploring the other side it good fun, even for a second playthrough.


In order to reach you goal you have different powers to your disposal. You’re able to blow enemies away with a blast, just like you are able with the Star Wars games. Furthermore there are electric beams which are you ‘machine gun’ type of weapons, and let’s not forget the grenades! With every mission you unlock xp and by killing enemies you will do to. This allows you to upgrade existing weapons and buy new ones.

Next up the climbing abilities of Cole. Before the explosion Cole used to ‘free-run’ a la Mirror’s Edge. This allows him to climb towards a ledge, balance on poles and perform all kind of stunts. By simply pressing X and aim for a specific ledge will move Cole towards that desired position. This all works very fluid. However on a side note, if you’re trying to fall down to a specific position it isn’t that accurate in some exceptions. This also adds another layers of depth. Imagine that you climb up a sky-crabber and jump towards the next building which is 600feet below…. You are up in the air, land, continue you’re firefight.

Combining the battle system with Cole’s climbing abilities and you get an awesome feeling. Furthermore this will give you advantages over the gangs which rule the streets. You can duck and lean while hanging on a ledge, pop-up and give a guy a headshot and continue your quest. Did I mention that this is pure fun? No, well it sure is!

All these action do consume power of Cole’s power bar. To fill it back to it’s normal level you need to refrill it. You can do so by walking up to devices which use electricity. So walk up to a freezer and press L2 and you will draw all the power out of it and fill up your own bar. This is a great addition which helps the pace of the game and ups the difficulty. Last topic about the gameplay. All this action is great fun and addicting. But this get even better because it’s a sandbox game. You can free-roam in a huge city and discover all kinds hidden objects and have even greater fun.


Game duration

After finishing the game you still have tons and tons to do. (If you just follow the main story you already get 10 hours or so out of it.) Explore the city and search for blast-shards and dead-drops. These give you extra energy or intel and back-story of the game. Furthermore you can start a new game but go for a different path and see how karma changes the game.


A very entertaining game which guarantees great fun. Sucker Punch sure did a great job with their first PS3 game and I salut them. Fan of GTA, Uncharted or even superheroes? It’s all here. Looking back to the question: “Shocking good or shocking bad?” Both, play as a angel or en the game is astonishing good while playing as a selfish motherf#@$-er the game stays astonishing good! A Must buy!!

Graphics:    7,5

It doesn’t show what the PS3 is capable of. Lot’s of greys and the picture isn’t crystal clear. The explosion and the huge enviremont actually do make up for it.

Audio:   8,0

Sliding across the railway, unleashing 10.000 volt. It all sounds great.

Story:   9,0

The plot-twists make up a great story and keep this interesting.

Replay Value:   9,0

With all the collectibles, karma system this sure is a great bang for your buck game.

Gameplay:   9,0

Everything is fluid, climbing is easy and awesome to do and the battle system is accesible.

Score:   8,5


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