Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

Heya people,

let me introduce myself first before i start writing,
My name is Nejasu,a gamer by heart and true fan of Sony and i am salvaging some of my time to bring you guys the reviews,news,etc…
Basically stuff you REALLY wanna hear.

Allrighty,i shall start my writing with the new game of Ubisoft called:


Hell yes!Finally a decent western game has come available for the beloved console PS3,Call of Juarez is truly astonishing in Story,gameplay and online functions.
A classic i would not call it yet,but it has a good shot to become a classic game.


A story about 2 brothers that are being discharged without honor from their military services,but they did not really care for they went out to their home in Atlanta to save their mother and younger brother.(I mean how would you be if you had to choose between the military and your family?)

The story keeps getting more interresting as you proceed in the storyline and you play either one of the 2 brothers,but there is not only the storyline to actually focus on,there are Sidemissions at some points and Secrets to be found.Explore (Almost) all houses and clear out the whole area of Cowboys,Ex-Military scum and off course Indians.
Next to fighting the enemies and searching for secret scrolls you also get the chance to buy new weapons and ammo.

The most exciting thing about the singleplayer are the Showdowns,It is what made the wild west,wild if you get my drift.
Truly amazing how they worked it out and you can be assured,if your fast enough,your saved by the bell.
You shall encounter enough missions that have these showdowns throughout the game.

The characters:
A specialist in demolitions and quite the cocky guy,but very determined to reach his goal.

Dual wield pistols

Special Concentration:
Aim and shoot

The smart one,always trying to figure out a different approachable way and knows how to climb like a monkey.

2x 1pistol (Can not dual wield)

Special Concentration:

So thats about it for the Singleplayer Review,i think i have not forgotten anything here…

Oh yeah! It also involves a girl…Typical no?

Multiplayer Review

Allrighty,the Multiplayer:

The multiplayer in CoJ is truly one of a kind,the 8 maps that are included in this mode are truly huge,you can enter any house,church,saloon,etc…
You can virtually shoot from any corner,you lean and shoot,you can shoot over your friends their shoulders,all truly astonishing features,13 playable classes each with their unique weapons and every class is upgradeable twice in a game.
Unlocks are permanent,upgrades aint.

Then there are the Game modes such as Shootout (Deathmatch),Posse(TDM),Manhunt(Team Leader Style),Wanted (1 guy gets hunted) and then there is my favorite…Wild Wild West.
Wild Wild West mode is truly brilliant,rob banks,destroy ammo piles,etc… Fun type of Attack – Defend game and never bores!(Well maybe if played TO much it will)

But….There are a few downsides sadly…but that is like that for every online.
Ranked matches stop after each match,you do not go to a lobby or something similar.
There are no Squad/Team opportunities to go with friends into 1 room.
The colors of the teams are red and blue,but it does not state Friend or Foe,Lawmen are blue Outlaws are red all the time so if you are an outlaw Red is Friend and blue is foe,vice versa with Lawmen.

But i know that Ubisoft shall change this for sure.

My Scores for this game:

Gameplay: 8/10
The game is truly great to play but you need to give it time to get used to,it is not an average shooter ya know.

In my eyes,truly amazin,explosions,dust,water,people,environment,all lifelike featured,guns that are smokin’ when you shot a bullet.

The gunshots are truly a chime to the ear,horses running sound like real the only thing i find is a little over the top are the indian sounds.

As i said the Multiplayer is alot of fun,but it can use some fixes (what Multiplayer doesn’t need fixing eh?

This is it for my very first post on this Blog,i hope you guys love it and feel free to give me feedback to help me improve!




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