PSF is now !!!

26 08 2009


Yeah guys it finally happened. We have moved into our custom domain. So what can you guys expect?

– Expect us to keep that high level of entertainment and quality in our posts

– Expect cutting edge graphical wizzardry

– Expect a user log in (register now)

– Expect a forum to be added

– Expect great fun!

So there you guys have it. We hope that you still continue to support us, so check it out.


The PS3 Slim Hands On

21 08 2009

A hands on look of the PS3 Slim enjoy the nice Hd footage !!!..

Video footage Belongs To Finacial Times .

PS3 Slim Japanese commercial

21 08 2009

Check out this new japanese commercial for the ps3 slim.. !!

Insomniac Games not going multi-platform

15 08 2009


Well not really a surprise but it’s confirmed once again that the master-minds behind 3 of my favorite games are not going multi platform. So Resistance and Rachet & Clank should stay on Sony consoles only. Tood bad for Nintendo and Microsoft because they really miss out on something special. Check it out after the break. Read the rest of this entry »

God of War 3 – Games Con 09 Trailer

15 08 2009

God of War III

New video of God of War III. This is the 2009 Games Con video. Check it out in gorgeous HD! Enjoy and check it out after the break Read the rest of this entry »