Sony Still Losing $100 On Every PS3 Slim

25 08 2009


Sony’s exec Kaz Hirai had reveled even with the PS3’s  price cut and the shrinked processor to 45nm sony is still losing money on hardware.But According with Kaz Hirai even with the lose of money in hardware Sony As a whole platform has been makeing a Gross Profit.

Oh Look, Some Florida Best Buys Already Have the PS3 Slim

25 08 2009


The PS3 Slim is coming out in September. This is true! Unless, apparently, you live in Florida, where residents in two separate towns are reporting that the console is already the shelves floors in their local Best Buys. UPDATED

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U.K To Get PSN Cards In Blu-ray Boxes

24 08 2009

The PSN cards will launch in two denominations £20 and £50 this coming September.The odd thing about this sony will release the cards in actual plastic blu-ray boxes.

Slim To Hit Earlier Than Sept.1st !?!?

22 08 2009

We all had expected the Slim to launch Sept.1st, but it might be here sooner than we thought. The offcial Ebgames and Bestbuy Sites indictae that the slim could be in your hands by Aug.25-31. A whole week earlier than the orgianl release date. After speaking to a spokesman sony has confirmed that some retaliers will have the slim for sale earlier than the streetdate. So if you have been wanting a slim and have been worried about the stock of the slim dwindling make sure to preorder yours so you can enjoy your new slim earlier than others.

PS3 Slim Japanese commercial

21 08 2009

Check out this new japanese commercial for the ps3 slim.. !!

I’d Like to Introduce Myself Alija.M

20 08 2009

Hello there PSF reader’s my name is Alija.M or you can call Me Dj-kamikaze and I am new aboard the PSF Staff  I have know TimoTheThug for a quite a while now and we have been in talkings and he offered me a postion in the staff  which i gladly accepted. I’m a big Sony fanboy hehehe  I have been one ever since the PSone came out back in the days. I’m 17 years old and i reside in the United States Of America Some of my hobbies include taking long walks along the sandy shores of beaches J.K aha but on a serious note my hobbies include video editing,gfx,Videgames,Snowboarding,soccer and hanging out with my friends. Some of my favorite gameing genres are FPS,Action Adventure,Sport, Arcade,etc… and my all time favorite game series would have to be Jak & Dexter. Well if you have anymore questions contact me  on the staff page nice meeting you all……Byee

PSF new theme (once again) + Logo

20 08 2009


Yeah ladies and gentlemen, the last theme didn’t last long. Altough we did like the overall look and feel we felt like we missed something. This time around we have choosen the right one until we switch over to our custom domain. Furthermore we have a brand new logo which will be placed on exlusive content like: video’s, screenshots and other objects. Our thanks goes out to DJDsign over at the best 2pac forum in the world TupacNation.

Enjoy and let us know what you feel about the new look and feel 😉

Kind regards,

The PSF team

New look and feel for PSF

13 08 2009

PSF header

Yeah it’s that time of the year again where each and everyone is going on holidays and where shit never gets done. Well I guess we are the living proof of that. The updates on news haven’t been that fast and our excuses for that. But that doesn’t mean we are dropping the ball. Instead we’ve added a new theme which also does bring some functions with it… Read the rest of this entry »

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – The PSF fun night!

8 08 2009


It’s Timo once again to bring you all on update on the news concerning PlayStation, gaming and the site PSF. The last couple of days have been exciting since we have been playing COD4 non-stop with a fun group. We had non stop fun, owning people (which we will show some proof off) and just having good ol’ laughs. Chatting trough headsets or textchat… we had an overall great time. To check out photo’s and of the names of people who do OWN: Continue the read ;)! Read the rest of this entry »

Virtua Tennis 2009 – Trophy Guide

6 08 2009


Platinum: 1

Gold: 3

Silver: 5

Bronze: 42

After a review comes a Trophy guide. Virtua Tennis is no exception. There are 51 trophies to collect including the platinum trophy. If you guys and girls have any questions or feedback please feel free to visit our ‘Contact us’ page.

1 Platinum: All trophies unlocked (Platinum)

2 Fore!: Hit a line judge (Bronze)

This one is simple. I got it after my first return, just hit the ball and hope it land on the referee. In fact almost all the balls that hit the wall in the back hit the referee so no problems there.

3 To be this good takes AGES (Secret): Score an ace with an underarm serve (Bronze)

You should have learned this at the training academy, if not I will explain it for you. When serving press L3 down and press triangle at the same time. Don’t hold it down and you should perform an underarm serve. Go to play mode and start a 2 player singles game. Perform an underarm serve but don’t let the second player return the ball and ting-dong you have the most easiest trophy in the game…. Well one of the many easy trophies. Read the rest of this entry »