Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

21 08 2009

I know,i know it has been a while since i last posted on the blog,but here i am once again your favorite (p)review writer Nejasu at work on a Recent release on the EU Store.


Hoorah,the second game of this great fighter game is finally arrived for the PS3,boy oh boy i was excited to play it once again since i lost my PS2 version 😦 .So i went to the store,payed 14.99 for the game,downloaded – installed and letted it rip on my Tv. Read the rest of this entry »

Borderlands Preview!

17 07 2009

Hey guys,this week has been one hell of a week for me seeing that i was very very busy trying to get hold of some stuff of borderlands!

Sadly there are no videos of gameplay really available,but i will try to get hold of some.

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Call of Juarez – Review

5 07 2009

Heya people,

let me introduce myself first before i start writing,
My name is Nejasu,a gamer by heart and true fan of Sony and i am salvaging some of my time to bring you guys the reviews,news,etc…
Basically stuff you REALLY wanna hear.

Allrighty,i shall start my writing with the new game of Ubisoft called:


Hell yes!Finally a decent western game has come available for the beloved console PS3,Call of Juarez is truly astonishing in Story,gameplay and online functions.
A classic i would not call it yet,but it has a good shot to become a classic game.

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