Colin McRae Dirt 2 – Demo impressions

23 08 2009


Last PlayStation Store update brought us the new Dirt 2 demo. PSF has checked it out, and it here to show you what we did like and did dislike. Continue your read after the break.

Booting up the demo and you will be greeted by a nice trailer. Short but packed with action. A nice preview of what the game will be. More on that later on. After the trailer you will find yourself hanging around the RV or camper whatever you’d call it. This RV is standing on a festival and will be used as a menu structure. The interface is once again slick, something new and most of all functional. Famous celebrities like Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, Tanner Foust and Dave Mirra will greet you and give you all kind of info.

DiRT2_visual target_malaysia_02

There is a option of two different races. The first is BAJA with your standard trophy cars. This is a traditional mode just like in the first Dirt game. The second one however is brand new. You race a time trail race but with a new addition. You race amongst other racers on the same track.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The gameplay is action packed like stated before. You race on beautiful rendered tracks with sweet lightning. The sound is once again awesome and the terrain types feel like they should. There is a new addition and that’s water. It can slow you down but it can also be used tactically. If there is a pool right in front of a sharp corner you can drive in to it and it will naturally slow you down. This allows you to push your car even further. The only thing I personally dislike about Dirt 2 is that the cars slide, and I mean slide much. Since the average racer isn’t like Ken Block (who is a serious awesome drifter) it’s hard to control your car. I even did find it hard to drive in a straight line since every time you steer you go either left or right… it seems like the controls need some more fine tuning. The times that you manage to pull of an excellent drift is awesome but uncommon. This isn’t a problem with BAJA however.


Furthermore we would like to point out that there is a new leveling structure which involves XP. This is a nice addition the racing genre which doesn’t involve that much.

Codemaster you really did deliver a AAA game which delivers on all front. The atmosphere is great, the music aswell and we love the fireworks!



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