Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

21 08 2009

I know,i know it has been a while since i last posted on the blog,but here i am once again your favorite (p)review writer Nejasu at work on a Recent release on the EU Store.


Hoorah,the second game of this great fighter game is finally arrived for the PS3,boy oh boy i was excited to play it once again since i lost my PS2 version 😦 .So i went to the store,payed 14.99 for the game,downloaded – installed and letted it rip on my Tv.The first thing that i really liked was the HD graphics,really it is amazing!
Battleing with over 50 characters make the game very interesting and the Online function is alot of fun!
I would surely recommend it to all fans of Marvel and Capcom to get this game on their PS3 and get to the Trophy farming of his game! =D

Basically there is not much to review of a fighting game but there are really some pointers to watch out for.

The basic principles in this game is pretty much simple,you fight 3 on 3 against computer or human,choose your fighters and their assist style and go head to head!
The controls are very simple and great,switching characters is like childsplay and the combos are not hard at all to learn!
Truth being,they should make more of these games for PS3 because this is what it is all about..old school gaming,remember back in the days where you went to Lunaparks to play on those games well they should make more on PS3.

I have really enjoyed this game so far and i know that lots of people share the same thought.I will soon post a trophy guide for this game.

My Scores for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2:

-Gameplay:          9/10

-Sound:               10/10

-Image:                 8/10

-Online:                9/10

Total of  9/10

Greetz and Game on!



One response

21 08 2009

Awesome mate, I really enjoyed the game aswell on the Dreamcast… and I’m not even a fighting fan!

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