PS3 Slim confirmed – 120 GB @ 299,-

18 08 2009


Well there we have it ladies and gentlemen. The PS3 slim has finally been confirmed. Launching worldwide September the 1st for 299,- dollars and euro’s. In the meanwhile the original PS3 will get a price cut as of today for 299,-. Furthermore, it’s confirmed that Sony sucks as keeping secrets. For additional video’s and pictures of the slim, click the read more link.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.





6 responses

19 08 2009

how does sony suck at keeping secrets lol they filed the slim as a “Computer Entertainment System” manufactured by “Sand Dollar Enterprise, Inc.” they only real clues where the ps3 box art which a bunch of people thought was fake and photoshoped

19 08 2009
J in J

Has anyone heard if it will be able to play the PS2 games?

20 08 2009

No it wont be able to play ps2 games your best bet would be to get a old 60 gig or 80 gig phat ps3 if you dont have one

19 08 2009

that is UGLY but the features are good

20 08 2009

ehh its alright could be better i don’t really care how it looks like really as long as its slimmer and runs much cooler and quieter the only thing i don’t like is the physical buttons they just don’t go that well with it

19 08 2009

@DJ-Kamikaze: Haha true… not liking the new box-art btw … liked the old box art and the old font better.

@J in J: No confirmation yet… YET. Sony has allready patented a new tech which would allow the the PS3 to emulate PS2 games.

@ Marty: Yeah it sure is ugly and the 120GB harddrive is cool:D … Not fond of the lack of some features 😉

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