PSP & Trophies: A match made in heaven

16 08 2009

PSP & Trophies

Sony and it’s PlayStation Network have come from far. Adding new functions and features in almost every new firmware update. One of the most requested, most liked and most used function is the trophy system. Sony had stated multiple times that expending the PSN to other platforms is a must and trophies is one of those things that we would like to be added. To find out why, follow the break.

The PSP is an handheld console. When I look at the way I use it, it’s almost always on holidays or when I need to travel large distances. The only time I play at home on my PSP is when a new game is released like: Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Star Ocean Second evolution or a Midnight Club game.

The crazy thing about this situation is that both the consumer and Sony want to use the device a lot more. A way to do this is to add content and interactive functions. If the PSP gets expended PSN services the amount of time spent on the device will rise big time. Imagine the PSP with a friend list… sending and adding messages.


Trophies….. A whore like me can’t live with out them. Trophies add that extra layer which makes me curious about playing games on the PSP and accomplish something. The hardcore crowd has been exposed to the ‘new’ way of gaming. Since there is no turning back its hard to pick up and play an standard PSP game. If Sony would add trophies we don’t have to wait for our holiday, wait for that one special game. Instead we could take our PSP to the toilet while we take a shit and all.

Please Sony bring it to us! Let us know how you guys and gals feel about the PSP and it’s lack of PSN functions!




4 responses

16 08 2009

Trophies on the psp, it could work. My psp is getting very dusty atm. It’s time to clean my precious device and let it see the light again. Maybe trophies could give my psp a new life 🙂

We shall see. 🙂

16 08 2009

Haha well just make sure to tell us when the trophies are coming how that changes the way you use your PSP ;)!

17 08 2009

i wish they would bring trophies to the psp.
but what would be insane and really cool is if you could play games off your ps3 on your PSP.
if onlive can work why not this?
streaming games from your PS3 to your psp.
imagine playing uncharted 2 on the train, or GT5 or GOW3 ohhh just thinking about it gives me wood.
thats corporal wood SIR!

17 08 2009

Haha yeah lol… Sony would probebly fuck it up … just look at Lair remote play. But the concept is very cool indeed!

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