New look and feel for PSF

13 08 2009

PSF header

Yeah it’s that time of the year again where each and everyone is going on holidays and where shit never gets done. Well I guess we are the living proof of that. The updates on news haven’t been that fast and our excuses for that. But that doesn’t mean we are dropping the ball. Instead we’ve added a new theme which also does bring some functions with it…

First off all this time around we’ve chosen a much more ‘clean look and feel’ for the site.  Reading and commenting will go with an ease.

PSF comments

Second thing I want to touch on is the new navigation. You can ‘hover’ over the pages and this will show you a ‘drop-down’ menu in which you can select a sub page. Browsing our content has never been so easy.

PSF nav-bar

Third function which had been added is our twitter page. You can see our most recent twitter post and keep on update on what is going on with PSF.

PSF twitter

On a side note I would like to point out that we will be moving to a custom domain shortly which will ease the way you can visit our website. We’ll inform you when we are about to make the change.

I hope you all enjoy the new theme and make sure that you let us know what you would like to see and what not.

Kind regards the PSF team




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