Sony PlayStation Brand: 15+ Pro’s and Con’s (PART II – CON’S)

26 07 2009


The follow up post of the second part of the anylasis of the Sony PlayStation Brand. This time around we concentrate of the negative side of the entertainment giant. We suggest you to first read the first part of the analysis which you can find by clicking the link here.


#1  Third party support: PlayStation is currently in a transitioning phase. PlayStation 3 and PSP have had a rough time. Support (or lack there of) caused a lot of damage. Multi-platform games used to look worse on the PS3 and still nowadays it still occurs as a problem. Altough I like the approach of “We don’t pay for games” because it shows that Sony is a fairplay-player in this industry, I don’t think it smart at the same time. Games make or brake a console. I don’t say that Sony should buy exclusives but prevent them for going exclusive. Sony has their own internal studios to back the lack of exclusives and it saves a lot of money, by making money. Get it? Huh, moving on. Furthermore Sony should support their third parties in order to earn third party support. How can they motivate a developer to showcase what the PS3 can do? How can they motivate them to support all functions, etc and etc. It’s a tough job but this sure is worth the effort.

#2 Hard learning curve of development: Sony is a pure hardware company and it shows. Truly awesome specs but it doesn’t show. By showing the promise but failing to deliver it (in many cases) Sony has a hard time catching up and make people care about the PlayStation 3 as a graphical power-house. Killzone 2 was a start, Gran Turismo 5 and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves are eye-openers but it takes more as a handful of games to set the bar as the place to be for high end graphics on consoles.

#3 Price of development: The learning curve is the real baddy here. Now developers have there hands on the machine and begin to understand the way it works, the overhead costs drop. However Sony needs to change their tactics and it seems that they will. The rumored processor for the PS4 will be based of the Cell processor but more powerful. This is highly recommended since it will be familiar architecture for developers while still remaining the raw processing power.


#4 Price console: Not a problem for PS3 owners but for people who are willing to become a part of the install-base. A problem for a lot of people. I ain’t the one to start bitching about the price since I think it is worth it, but a lower entry level would help support Sony and third party-developers by selling more games and overall gain more profit.

#5 Arrogance: Talked about it before. (for the article click here) But some Sony execs really need to shut that big hole called a mouth. By talking with such an air it causes people to lose faith and even hate Sony. It’s a contradiction of binding customers and creating brand awareness and loyality (which we have talked about with at the lifespan section). That is something that Sony is both good at, but sucks at in the same time. Mixed signals are never a good thing since people get confused.

#6 Internal Communication: As stated before Sony is an huge company which is active in a lot of markets. This is an advantage since Sony has knowledge and the production capacity to deliver products stuffed with features and functions. The communication engine isn’t oiled very well since Colombia Studios is halting the Video store, while delivering there products to the competition. There are plenty of examples, this isn’t a disadvantage but it sure could be advantage which it isn’t right now.


#7 Slow processes: Minor changes to the XMB, fixing mistakes in the PS Store, adding long awaited functions, this all is taking ages to be fixed or to be added. Sony needs to step up a notch and work stuff out and push it out on the market. Sometimes I start to wonder and ask myself: Is it because they announced it to early? Am I an impatient bastard? Is Sony way be worried about a possible bug? No, Sony is a slow company which needs some more fireworks (up in their arses) in order to speed up the processes a notch.

#8 Firmware updates: Too many, too boring, and too many other negative motivations to name. If Sony is indeed in a state to speed up processes, they should pack a lot of features in a firmware update and give us a lot of new functions like every 2 months or stack it up and drop a bomb shell every 6-12 months.

We feel that Sony sure is making some changes but there are some problems which keep on coming back. What Changes can Sony make? What are they doing wrong? Tell us what you feel and begin the discussion!




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