Sony PlayStation Brand analysis: 15+ Pro’s and Con’s (PART I – PRO’S)

25 07 2009


Now this generation Sony has seen a big turn around. Not only are they the more sophisticated machine (Xbox topped the PS2 in that area). But they also have seen their market leader position slide away in exchange for the bottom of the list. This made us start thinking about what is Sony for a company. How do they perform? and how could they perform?

We start with the Pro’s. The Con’s have been uploaded. Click here for viewing the post.


#1 Strong games line-up (First-Party): Sony has some great studios under their wings. Can someone say Sony Liverpool, Sony Santa Monica, Japan Studio, Sony San Diego and tons more. These all are responsible for triple-A titles which can’t be experienced on other platforms. By looking at all the competitors Sony clearly has the upper hand here.


#2 Firmware updates: The firmware updates are both a pleasure and a pain (in the ass) but we will get there later on. By these firmware updates we have seen a tremendous amount of added features and functionality. The PS3 is an ever changing platform which is future proof. This expands the life-span of the console greatly and keeps us excited what to bring in the future. 3D gaming? Bring it on!

#3 Sony as a whole: Sony is one hell of a company. Spreading across many different sections Sony is a world leader in electronics. By having the knowledge, know-how and ability to add and innovate new software and hardware solutions, we PlayStation loving fans have something to look out for to enjoy. Without it we wouldn’t have Blu-Ray. We wouldn’t have the media capabilities we have right now. And the movie store would miss a lot of great movies.

#4 PlayStation Brand: Ah, this is a part which we just couldn’t forget. Sweet memories here, sweet memories there. Thanks you Sony for allowing me to experience and bond with special characters your PlayStations have produced over time. Thanks CD-swallowing monster, thank you multitap and thank you Rachet & Clank. Fond memories and great marketing campaigns (launches left out). Every time I hear PlayStation, a chill of happiness flows across my spine and leaves me dazzled.

#5 Diversity: PlayStation has always been loved by fans of all genres. Mostly because it’s wide variety of games. In every genre there are multiple triple-A titles for your pleasure. If you are a fan of Racing, Shooter, RPG, plat-forming then look no further, PlayStation has got it covered.

#6 Multiple consoles: The interactivity between the Sony consoles is something that sets Sony and it’s PlayStation brand apart from the competition. Remote play gives your PSP a huge hard drive, new gameplay options and additional content.


#7 Creativity: Social gaming, Sony pioneered it. Innovative products, Sony pioneered it. Allowing small time developers to create something truly unique, yep Sony once again. By allowing developers to go nuts taking away the money problems Sony has added some astonishing products to their line-up. Flow, Flower, Little Big Planet, Everyday shooter? You name it! Furthermore Microsoft failed to get their game-development game running (in a financial viable market). Nintendo gives their Nintendo logo to unworthy game products while blocking new innovative games for the NDS.

#8 Future-proof: No company supports their products like Sony PlayStation does. 10 years for each console with non-stop support till the last day is something that earns my respect. By continuing the support they gain customer trust and loyalty. However the costs versus the profit isn’t ideal in this case. Sony is smart enough to see that this strategy works in the long run and that’s why they tout it so much. And let them, they make me feel assured when I go to bed that I still can enjoy my PS3, PSP for the next 7 years.

#9 External communication: Sony has made some strong moves towards interacting with there customers. The Official PlayStation blog is an example of this. Furthermore the customer service has a professional level and runs well. Furthermore they explore new areas like Home we’re Sony employees also interact with customers. This is a win-win situation for the customer and Sony. Smart move.

So make sure to let us know how you feel about Sony. Are they doing the right things? What do you like about their approach? Let us know and drop a comment.

The second part (The con’s) have been uploaded. Check it out here.



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25 07 2009

Pro’s: The most innovation when it comes to games to me and home to a lot of unique and groundbreaking titles: ICO, SoTC, LBP, Flower and The Last Guardian are perfect examples of that.

Con’s: Advertising this generation is weak and Sony doesn’t promote their 1st party and 2nd party titles enough in the media. When it comes to 3rd party exclusives, like MGS4 that Sony didn’t fund development for they can have some of the best advertising you’ve seen for the PS3 because MGS4 had the kind of advertisement that almost every PS3 exclusive title released this gen. should have had.

There are probably some other Con’s like the PSN not being as solid as it is now when the PS3 first launched, but it was Sony’s first Online service for a console, so I’ll cut them a little slack in that regard because M$ already had the foundations of XBL in place before the 360 launched.

All in all, I just think it took Sony actually getting some tough competition in the Video Game Market this gen. to wake them up a bit, because both the PS1 and PS2 breezed through their lifecycles without Sony hardly having to even break a sweat, but this gen. Sony has had to constantly fight their way through.

26 07 2009

Yep. Sure feel the same way about you. And I’ll show you when we upload the Con’s. Thanks for sharing your feelings mate ;)!

31 08 2012
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