PS3 Firmware wish list – 25 Improvements

22 07 2009

This is a wish list of the contributors of this site. This isn’t a rumoured firmware update list so don’t read it with the mindset of being one. There are 25 improvements so have fun and let your mind take the tour of what PlayStation can be.

#1 Video store (PAL): Now a lot of people have been dying to get there hands on the awesome expierence that the Video Store is. Sony is struggling to roll it out in PAL territories. We are struggling aswell since we want to show of the media capabilities of the PlayStation to our family and friends.


#2 Vidzone update for other countries: Same corner as the video store. For the reasons stated above.

#3 Cloud (gaming) storage: No more install on your harddrive, but storage on a server. If cloud gaming should be possible. This would be to.

#4 Custom (animated) themes: Like the waves of the XMB as much as we do? Well Custom animated themes would allow designers to go nuts and deliver some awesome themes for us PlayStation fiends to enjoy.

#5 Cross Game chat: Aaaaah, does this still need a description? The text chat is nice especially after the maximum character limit is raised to 64 but it still stuck when you don’t have a USB keyboard… Sony hurry up!

#6 Cross Game invites: PlayStation Home and Xbox 360 exclusive at the moment. We want to invite people and join them in the exact game as they are without all the hussle. Is that too much to ask?


#7 More avatars: Sony has such an awesome game library and they are too lazy to add just simple pictures every now and then… who want a pixilated oldies sprite to be the representative as who they are as a gamer?

#8 Added Clan functionality: Form a true clan based system. This clan system will overlapse all games and is persitant. The Valor points of Killzone 2 are a good example of clan stats. Sony can go nuts with this system, when I think of it my mind starts to overload. Pure gold! Check out this link for some examples of how a designer can overload my brain: AWESOME

#9 Dedicated news section: use a PS Store lay-out with insider scoops, live chat with developers etc.: Again another opportunity for Sony to capatilize on the high demand we PlayStation Fiends have. When you’re bored and not into any of you’re games, well this is your savior. Imagine logging in, browse to this dedicated section and dive into the world of PlayStation.

#10 Custom avatars: There used to be a topic on the official PlayStation Forum (US) where a member uploaded some of his created custom avatars. Since the demand of customizable objects is rising and rising this is another opportunity for Sony to please us.

#11 Trophy card overhaul like this:

custom ps3 profile page playerstats

#12 Mandatory Custom soundtrack: Yeah it’s cool to play games and all but for Trophy whores the music themes can become a bit annoying if you need to finish the game multiple times. Make it mandatory and people will actually use this function.

#13 Mandatory Screen capture: For the reasons stated above.

#14 Mandatory Video capture/upload: Want to capture gameplay video of your PS3? You can. For SD videos $40-$60 and for HD you need to pay all the way up to $200. That’s a lot. Pixel Junk showed us that it is possible as well as Echochrome. Team up with YouTube and make the PlayStation community well known and represented on the internet. (on a side note, finally a work-out test for the PS3)

#15 Personal media organizer: just like the photo organizer but with music/videos. Example Sony Ericsson Play Arena.


#16 On top of that allow users to organize their PSP content by hooking up the PSP to the PS3 and use Media Go. See the pattern? We want a universal system across Sony. Not devided section. A Network as in PlayStation Network should be one visually and functionally.

#17 Usage of Home avatar: Add this to the smaller PSN games or unlockable character for Rachet & Clank 😛

#18 Adding Skype to the PS3: The PSP already has this function, the relationship between the companies is there, why not do the math. Sony it’s 2009 and 1+1 still is two in my world… or 11 but you get my point.

#19 Adding more functions to such as: Sending messages, add friends, start downloads etc.: Self explaning.


#20 Automatic trophy syncing: Ah the ease of not going to your profile page for a refresh… just the way it should have been in the first place.

#21 Add backwards compatability: Yeah far down the list, only for the surprise effect 😛

#22 Downloading and installing process revision (both in the same time): If Digital Distribution is the future then make the downloads go faster and without the hassle to install it.

#23 Trophies for the PSP: Again PS-NETWORK. Sir Howard Stringer needs to speed up his employees and tell them to start with PlayStation products instead of trying to launch Remote play of the Aino (Sony Ericsson mobile phone).

#24 Reward system: Virtual rewards such as special avatards, beta programs etc.: Sony even touted it. Is my math that different from Sony’s?

#25 Expand PSN to different devices: If Phil Harrison talked about Home on the mobiles, a small app which allows you to sent messages and arrange stuff in your friendlist on your phone should be very possible as well.

On a side-note, we also would like our American friends to enjoy PlayTV aswell as the rest of Europe! Not really a firmware wish list feature but worth mentioning.

Let us know what you think and what you guys and girls would like to see!

TimoTheThug – The PSF Team.




2 responses

28 07 2009

Bahh, video store.. what happened with the good old REAL store. now people dont even have to get up on their feet.

28 07 2009

Hehe, I work at a gamestore so I know it ain’t all that colourfull but hé at least lazy people will be statisfied by this 😉

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