Borderlands Preview!

17 07 2009

Hey guys,this week has been one hell of a week for me seeing that i was very very busy trying to get hold of some stuff of borderlands!

Sadly there are no videos of gameplay really available,but i will try to get hold of some.

Kicking asses at the end of civilization as we know it.

Yeh Borderlands,thats right baby!
After the announcement of the game august 15 2007 we finally are coming to the end of our waitings for this astonishing game.

The game is set on a planet called Pandora,where people kolonised the planet in order to get the so called minerals from its rich soils.
But the fact has to be,there are no minerals whatsoever on the whole planet,pirates come and go all the time as dissapointed like they could not get a girl.
But only scumbags like you just hang around the planet blasting things to hell with your home made gun arsenal.

Borderlands is truly unique in its genre,here are some things to say so:

The world is never the same:
-Every time you start a brandnew campaign the world is never the same,everything changes,f.e.: you see a bunker and several ruins in your first campaign,they will not be there in your other campaign.Bunkers,towers,caves,foes,nature,everything is randomly placed except for major cities,the major cities stay in place.

-The FPS/RPG element is something to be excited about,i was dissapointed in the game Fallout3 with its gameplay elements but this should not be a problem for Borderlands.Other than leveling your character the functions of the Greatly expanded inventory system and Quest system really give you the feeling of being in a True RPG,Quests can be completed in any order and sometimes completing 1 quest shall occur into failing an other one.
As usual Quests shall differ in length and complex and shall lead to different stories,new guns and items and new elements to use throughout the game.

-The guns,rumours were that there would be 500.000 weapons in the game,Sadly i have to say this is not true.There will be 650.000 weapons in the game.In my eyes this is truly the one thing that will make this game truly can truly let your imagination give the go here,from Pistols with shotguncartridges to Rocketlaunching sniper rifles.Next to the weapon feature there is about half a million items/armor pieces in the game.Truly a game to enjoy fully.



Yep thats right,Borderlands supports an online mode namely a 4 player co-op to be able to kick ass with your friends in this Post-apocalyptica game.
There may only be 4 characters to play with,but the player can actually do whatever they want with the character.There are not really any boundries.
Characters are:
1) Mordechai : Expert in Assault,Sneaking and prefers to work solo
2)Roland: Expert in leadership and Medicine
3)Lilith: Expert in Timestop and Firerate+
4)Brick: Expert in Close Combat and Riding Tanks

As you can see,there should be a char to suit anyone their playstyle.

I will end my preview with the fact that i see this game being a revolution to FPS games from now on,i can not wait for it to come out and i think that you guys don’t either after reading this preview 😀

To answer a few FAQ’s:

Q: Will gear change your appearance?
A: For now this is not yet been known for the public.

Q: Are there any skills to train and to change your playing style?
A: I would say yes because that is what makes an RPG an RPG.

Q: Character leveling solo affects your online to?
A: Indeed this is correct,your char gets lvld solo and Co-op throughout the game.

Furthermore this is the rumoured Box-Art


Peace mates,





6 responses

17 07 2009

Awesome piece Nejasu! I have a few questions though…

– Will gear change the way your character looks?
– Are there skills to gain which can change your players play-style.. like having Mordecai with Firerate+?
– Also I heard that everything you do in the singleplayer campaign will be transferred to your online game, namely co-op…

Thanks in advance for answering the questions ;)!

21 07 2009

Ok i will edit the preview asap with the answers 😉

14 08 2009

Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

30 09 2009

The latest update said about 17,750,000 guns. So probably on the release date 17-20 million guns. Also armor does change your appearance in some videos you will see Mordecai in a kilt and some he will not have one.

18 11 2009
20 11 2009

First thing’s first: The comment about everything being different every campaign is not true. Everything in the environment is predetermined by a set level design and the only thing that is nearly random is the appearance of enemies. That being said, the enemies are random, but only in one respect. Specific brands of enemies appear in specific places (Bandits, Skags, Spiderants) which is not at all random, but the part that IS random is the grade of each enemy. When you run across a certain mob you may be faced with a number of, say, Skag Whelps. Next time you come to the same place and find the same group, you could be staring at a couple Whelps and some Spitters as well as maybe an Alpha Skag in there.

Secondly: Gear does not change appearance. The only change in appearance is the gun you currently have equipped and the three colors of your character as defined by the New-U station color layout that the player can change at will.

Thirdly: Quests do not change based on completing or failing any of the previous quests. You cannot even fail a quest, the closest you can come is to simply leave it incomplete (still active).

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