Uncharted 2 almost ready for deployment

12 07 2009


When looking at the release date’s I was actually suprised. Not only are there release dates of Borderlands and Rachet & Clank: ACiT now available but also the release from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. It’s currently scheduled for 09-30-2009 (30-09-2009 for Europe). That’s like SOON. I first thought that are consumer system was incorrect but after reading the following twit of Evan Wells:

We’re doing a playtest of the entire game of Uncharted 2 this weekend to begin our difficulty tuning. It’s a very delicate process.

It’s seems that we have something to look forward to very very soon. I will see you guys online when the Multiplayer demo hits and when the game ship ;)!




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