PlayStation and it’s false statements

9 07 2009


PlayStation is a huge brand and sure has a great legacy of great games. After two very succesfull generations it’s time for the PlayStation 3 to shine. Now we all know that it sure does shine in the games department, in the graphical department and in it’s media capabilities. However it doesn’t in the sales department, which isn’t that interesting for people who own a PS3, but also in it’s online capabilities. And that does bother me. It’s great to play games online and sent messages and all but after reading the title of this topic which all of you have read it’s a big deal.

Eric Lempel of the PlayStation Network was quoted saying: “I don’t think there’s a lot of ‘catch up’ [with XBL] anymore. In some cases, I think we’ve got more, and we’ve got some other things they don’t have,” says TK. “In terms of strengths, of course we’re still free, and we’re giving you a lot for free.”

Now that right there got me pissed. I love Sony and PlayStation to death but the arrogance that surrounds PlayStation this generation is going way beyond ‘normal’. We still are waiting for cross game invites, still waiting for cross game chat and extra services.

Now it’s not the first time Sony does say stupid shit like this. A more recent quote from Sony HQ was about the PSN cards in Europe. Saying that it was hard because of all the different taxes that are handeled in the different countries.Well dear Sony Microsoft and Nintendo are doing will with there MS and Wii points so don’t get me started.

Sony this is a call out for keeping you’re mind zipped until you guys come down to earth and stop loving yourself and in the meantime start working on stuff we can enjoy.

…. back to giving people headdies in COD4 ;)!




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9 07 2009

whoever wrote this is an idiot. psn is free, ps3 is very reliable . no other game company has anything like psn home , or vidzone. no other console can play blu rays like ps3. the ps3s psn service lacks a few things namely like cross game chat and cross game invites but what about the other services psn offers that you cant get anywhere else and its for FREE. people love to talk about what they don’t have and not give thanks for what they have . its a gaming console and it offers the best exclusive games you cant get anywhere else. ps3 is the most powerful console , thats a fact.

xbl/psn- dylantalon

9 07 2009

I agree with a lot of things you’re saying and I even said so in the topic. I don’t like being called an idiot and all i’m saying is that Sony shouldn’t blossom and cover up there ‘failures’ by big mouthing and screeming that they are the best. That does remind me of Aaron Greenberg of MS and that isn’t a compliment 😉

Btw I voted you up, like the discussion.

10 07 2009

actually i have to correct something stated: PS3 is not the most powerful one sadly, the Wii is

10 07 2009

in my opinion the only thing that is needed on psn now is cross game chat , sending voice messages and cross game invites. once those things are added then psn is undoubtedly the best. i play a lot of online games and i like them to be fair for everyone so i love ps3 exclusives for being lag free and often times able to support massive amount of people online . a lot of people can believe XBL is better than PSN because it has cross game chat and invites but XBL cost money and it lags a lot on the service while playing a lot of games .

i do think psn has exceeded xbl because it offers way more services being lag free and not costing any money .

xbl/psn – dylantalon

10 07 2009

Yep you sure do have a point. I also feel that PSN is awesome for the reasons you named. But what moved me to write this post is that I can’t proudly speak out PSN when some dude is saying stuff without covering the entiry aspect of PSN. They both are great in there own rights and they both have a lot of catch up to do on different parts so not one is better.

In the future I would like Sony to be more discreet about there approach;)

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