PSP2 better GPU as the iPhone 3G

8 07 2009


According to the spanish version of Eurogamer the PSP2 will get a better gpu as the iPhone 3G. Furthermore they have some more information about the PSP2. They feel comfortable spreading these rumours since they say that they own some confidential documents about the PSP2.

This gpu will be the PowerVR  SGX543MP4.It’s similar as the SGX535 gpu from the iPhone 3G. However the gpu from the PSP2 will be a quad core which will boost it’s graphics since it’s capable of showing 133 milion polygons on screen. This compared to the iphones 28 milion polygones makes it far more superior. It even goes that far that it will top the original XBOX graphics.

They also mentioned that it’s release date will be as early as end of 2010. It might seem a long time away but we must consider the fact that the PSPgo will be released in the meantime.

Is Sony taking a wrong path if these rumours are in fact true? Let us know what you think, and drop a comment.





One response

20 02 2010
Matt K.

This PSP system looks really awesome and sleek!
Just notice the touchscreen!!!!
So it slides in and out… Thats what she said…
It handles like 4 times more GPU then Iphone!!
Pfft its like playing halo 2 on a portable system…
That rocks!!!
I actually wouldn’t mind no UMD if they released this system!

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