Rachet & Clank ACiT “extra’s” for all of us

6 07 2009

Rachet & Clank ACiT - Clank Gameplay

Last week Insomniac announceded that they would bring pre-order bonusses for their newest installment of the Rachet and Clank series. Some of these bonusses included an extra level, early acces to weapons and other gadgets. As a big time Rachet & Clank fan I actually wasn’t that happy about it. Since Europe isn’t to pre-order heavy I thought that I was left out (again). But today Insomniac cleared this up with the following statement:

“Many of the items (like the Bolt Basher and Box Magnetizer) will be available through the course of the game as you play.

And just like the Grim and Malikov pre-order skins we eventually released to the community for free, I’m confident that if you are crazy and want ALL of the content, you’ll eventually get it.”

I’m personally excited about this for the reason stated above. Let us know how you feel about it.

Thanks PSL




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